How do I convert a cell into a drop-down menu that will fill the row with values specified on another sheet?

Sheet 2 is an array database of values. On Sheet 1, I want to create multiple cells which have a drop-down menu that references rows on Sheet 2. When a value is selected, the row of cells on Sheet 1 fill with the values from the corresponding row on Sheet 2.

  1. Select the first row cells in Sheet 1.
  2. Choose menu Data - Validity… - Criteria tab, for Allow: select Cell range and in for Source select the range in Sheet 2 for the first row (note that no $ are in front of row number).
  3. Select the first row cells, and fill down as needed.

Validity over Sheet1

  • While the cursor is in an affected cell, Alt+Down Arrow will display the possible entries from wich you can select with Down Arrow and Up Arrow,then accept with Enter.

See sample file.

See LibreOffice Help on Validity and Validity Criteria.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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