How do I copy an image from a web page to LibreOffice Writer

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(Modified title: changed ‘print’ to ‘copy’ + spelt LO correctly -AK)


It appears you mean to COPY (not ‘print’) the image.

Right click the image to copy & select Copy. Then right click on the Writer document page & select Paste.

The rest is about where placed, anchoring, size etc.

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The answer above works for a single image.

If you are trying to do multiple images then you have to do that for every single one, or use other software to simplify the process.

A common issue for me is copying text and images from a web page - e.g. hardware details, or an FAQ, or something else with multiple images that I also want to copy and save.

If I copy and paste from a web page into MS Word, it copies in the images too, as I want.

If I do it in LibreOffice Writer, it doesn’t bring in the images, just a placeholder. I have to delete each placeholder, then copy and paste every image manually (and then format them so they don’t have text wraparound, multiple clicks), which is a pain and far less efficient than Word. Something that takes 2 seconds in MS Word may take 15+ minutes in LO Writer.

The only solution I have found so far (which, admittedly, seems bizarre when I am trying to move away from Microsoft software): copy and paste into Word, then copy and paste from Word into LibreOffice Writer. Then it appears correctly. Takes only a few seconds longer than Word alone, so saves me about 15 mins a document, but it does mean I can’t uninstall MS Office. :frowning:

Any progress about this? I mean, we are in 2022, and this LibreOffice software seems to lag behind MS Word 2000…

I don’t understand how requesters proceed. When I copy an HTML page with text and images (plural) and paste it into Writer in a single operation, all images are simultaneously pasted into the document. So, more details on the faulty procedure are needed.