How do i copy text without changing the formate?

Hello, I am new to libreoffice writter and i am writing something in nepali like नेपाल in writter using preeti.ttf font but as i copy it in my blog then it is appearing like “g]kfn” .

I am not sure what setup i had prepare before but as i restore my writter it is just coping the value but not the format. Please help me.

The copy from Writer on the clipboard will normally carry text content as well as formatting.

My guess is that the blog editor app does not receive the full picture. This may be a flaw in the editor itself, a setting in your blog software or a flaw/setting in your web browser.

To determine cause of fault, cross check:

  • First determine that it is actually possible to enter Nepali text in the blog editor by manual entry.
  • Copy Nepali text from other source than writer, and paste into your blog. Try with different browsers.
  • Copy from Writer and paste into a different app which supports Nepali input.

If you determine that the cause is indeed in Writer, give us some detail. What LibreOffice version are you running? What blog server software? Web browser?Attach a small sample document with content which you can’t copy into blog.

To attach a file, edit your original question. Use the paperclip tool.

Perhaps the blog editor doesn’t use Unicode.

the text i get after past ------> gd:t]
image description

It didn’t work

The answer pane is for proposing a solution to the issue, or a path leading to resolution. When you, the asker, posts an answer to your own question, many helpers will dismiss the question as “already helped” without bothering to read the detail.

If you want to add supplemental info, add a comment to your question instead, or edit your question.

To attach a file, you cannot use a comment. Edit question is the way to go.

As I mentioned in my answer, it is not likely (but certainly possible) that the cause lies within Writer. To determine whether that is the case, we need more detail.

  • Attaching a picture of the source document does not help much in this case.
  • Attaching actual file saved from Writer might help.
  • Adding info as suggested in my answer is likely to be useful.
  • Reporting the results of the cross check procedure I suggested is important if you want us to help you. Without that, we are working blindfolded.