How Do I Correct Indented Bullet Numbering?

When I indent a number bullet, it goes 1, 1, 1, 1, 1…

I would like it to behave like Google Docs by default, which goes 1, a, i, 1, a, i, 1, a, i…

Please help?

What do you mean?

Edit your question to clarify (don’t use an answer, this is not yet a solution).

How do you create the “bullet” (i.e. the list item because a “bullet” is just a character)? Using the toolbar button or equivalent keyboard shortcut?

Indent: do you really want to indent the list item paragraph? Or do you change the level (making the item subordinate to the preceding item like 1.1. is subordinate to 1.)?

Is your question related to the sequence of numbers inside the same level? or to the numbering scheme on different levels?

Don’t forget to mention your OS and LO version.

This question was not edited as requested. @areographe asked How does one change the default numbered list numbering style? with relevant information provided.

Consequently, I closed the question.