How do I create a Page Style from existing page

I am relatively new to LibreOffice. I am creating what will become a club newsletter.
I have created a Page Style for the Cover of the newsletter and one for the general content.

I was trying to create a Page Style for the inside cover, which will contain information which is relatively constant (office bearers, meeting venue etc) and which should not propagate to the rest of the newsletter and has a different layout. This has a “First Page Header (Default Style)” which has guff I don’t want to propagate (Club logo PO Box etc). I ideally want to create a Page Style “Inside Cover” from the content.

My attempt to create a “New Style from Selection” appears to have created a paragraph style (which appears in microscopic text in the Style list).

My question is how do I create a Page Style from this page.

From your description attempt, it looks like you have the style navigator open (F11). To access the pages styles, click first on the page icon (4th from left at top). Then “New Style from Selection” will create a page style.


From your intent (club newsletter), you’d be more work-effective trying to build a template. A template can contain not only styles but also fixed content and place holder. Invariant parts (such as logos, PO Box, board members, …) are already in place and you just concentrate on variable articles. You should consider this option once you have succeeded in composing your first newsletter. It requires some effort to have it operational, so learn first LO basics.

Thanks, this worked. In fact this is what I thought I had done before, but it didn’t work. Maybe because I had text selected. I am planning to make a template (before I finish the first issue) once I figure out how to format the newsletter.