how do i create an association with windows 8 mail

trying to send a electronic mail from libre office through windows mail using windows 8 os .
it is asking to create a association with windows mail how do I do this .

I second this. In windows 8 the app Mail is the default email manager, but LibreOffice doesn’t open it

I have the same problem!


we also wanted to send mails from calc, managed it with a macro and ‘shell-calls’ to invoke thunderbird, sample below, perhaps useful for similar requests …

the main functionality is in:

strShell = strThunderPfad & _
"-compose " & _
"to='" & strto & "'," & _
"subject='" & strBetr & "'," & _
"format=2," & _
"body='" & strBody & "'," & _
"message='" & strmessage & "'," & _
"attachment=" & strAttach

Call Shell(strShell, vbNormalFocu)

after constructing appr. strings and files for the arguments …
(search the web, space here too small for more details,
advantage: all parts of the mail including text and attachement could be automatically constructed from data, then after a key-shortcut the mail is construted and needs only clicking send in the mail-client,

P.S. avoid special characters in the files, names and calls!