How do I create field for multi-line text? (Firebird)

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I am trying to switch to using LO with the standard (embedded) Firebird. I used OO with HSQL for a long time… and often used fields with the Memo data type.

“All I want”, for now, is a guide to setting up a new database with one table, three fields…

  • PrimaryKey / integer/ auto increment
  • Name / Text [VarChar]

If all I wanted was a database and table, but with just the first two fields, I’d be fine. No help needed with that.

It is the third field that I can’t achieve. If I were using Open Office/ embedded HSQL, I’d use a Memo field.

I want to be able to put snippets of text in the “Notes” field. Snippets consisting of several lines. (In what I am seeking, I could, for instance, put the following in the “Notes” field of a record

 In 1887, Derby had 57 pubs
 1893, Travel to London took a day

 (This ends example of the sort of data I want to store in a field)

I’ve read many posts about “fixing” memos, importing, etc. I can’t seem to get STARTED… thought that if you could show me the above, it would give me the start I seek.

I’d be more than happy to go to an existing resource on the web… would prefer that, actually!.. if you can recommend one… but one I can READ, please. Not a video.

Win 10/ LO, 64 bit.

Thank you, Ratslinger for more help. You said…

The field type in Firebird embedded is:


(Apologies for my poor markup… I can’t find the forum’s guide!)

a) For at least ten years (going back into my OO / HSQL days), I’ve not understood the data type format of “one-moniker”[“qualifier”]

b) In my work to understand this “doing what HSQL calls a Memo” stuff, I have often seen references to “sub_type”… but when I struggle away with the application, I have yet to see the word anywhere…

Perhaps because all of my efforts so far have only involved the app’s GUI? Is it necessary to turn to using command-line level SQL (e.g. things like “SELECT CustomerName, City FROM Customers;”) to attain the power of specifying “sub_types”?


It appears you already have found the answer for this in this post → Paste data in new base: How to define “MEMO” fields?

To be clear, the field type in Firebird embedded is:


Now you also asked in a comment there:

Please expand upon how to… “change the image field to a text box” ?

With any control on a form, while editing the form, select the control. Then right mouse click it. Select Replace with and choose the control it is to be replaced with. In your question it would be a text box. Also, once changed to a text box, there is a property on the General tab called Text type. Insure this is set to Multi-line.

Ratslinger’s answers moved me forward! I got it working! I’ll try to write up… there are a few little “gotchas” to avoid. Thank you Ratslinger!!


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