How do I create labels with consecutive numbers

I figured out how to create a label with a field in the upper left of type Number range and select Text. Note that the Name and Value boxes below Type and Select say Text and Text + 1, respectively. I can then hit Synchronize Labels. The labels on the page are consecutively numbered.

Now if I Edit fields, I can poke in a starting number in the Value box. The labels are still consecutively numbered, but they start with the value I entered. So far so good.

But how do I then go about printing, say, 5 pages worth of these labels? I tried copies (that just gives me copies), I tried printing pages 1-5, but it thinks there’s only one page.

How do you tell it to print 5 pages of labels, each consecutively numbered?

This isn’t the answer, but if you are wanting to know how to get to where I was in the process, I did this:

On the Format tab, set up the geometry of the labels you want. On the Options tab, select Synchronize contents and Entire page.

Select the New Document button.

I designed my first label in the upper left position on the page. In the upper left corner of that label, I selected:

Insert->Field->More Fields
On the Variables tab, I selected Type=Number range and Select=Text. Format (for me) is Arabic (1 2 3). If it’s not already there, add Text+1 to the Value box located below the Select box. Select Insert.

When the upper left label is complete, select Synchronize Labels.

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I believe the easiest way to do this is like most others creating labels. Start with a spreadsheet. Fill cells with the numbers you want generated (first row is field name/heading). 1000 numbers only requires a very short time. Connect to Base, register, create labels on that one field.

If you are familiar with the label processing using Calc, it could be done in 15 to 30 minutes easily.