how do I create multiple according drop-down boxes

How do I create a multiple accordian drop brown boxes for items with relevant notes added

Thanks Greg

I like your term cascade and May help you understand my question
I am not good at understanding computer language

The purpose is to developer a process where I can developer our business reports from a phone

I assume your drop-down (couldn’t interpret “brown”) boxes appear due to a >Data>Validity setting for a related cell.
What do you mean by “according”? Shall a second or a third (…) set of selectable values depend on one or more previously selected items?
If so, you should notice that the ‘Cell range’ mode accepts a formula-like expression in place of an ordinary range. Using OFFSET() or INDIRECT() or picking single rows/columns from a rectangular range by omitting one of the index parameters of a call to INDEX() you can make the ‘Validity range’ depend on the contents of different cells.
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Sorry suppose to be accordian

Well, since I couldn’t find any mention of the word “accordian”, I guessed it was a typo, and meant to mean “according”. This still makes some sense to me.
I’m missing, however, your answer on my question in return “Shall a second or a third (…) set of selectable values depend on one or more previously selected items?”
In earlier cases I used the term “cascaded validity settings” for what I meant.
Anyway you didn’t comment on my answer containing an attachment (based on the guess). Did it help in any way? There also were hints directing to a supposed answer in my comment above.

Since you, @greguebe, didn’t comment on the example attached to my answer, I don’t know if it helped you sufficiently to solve your problem or if you need additional explanation.

You may glance at this answer on a assumably related question in a different and better structured forum.