How do I create newspaper style flowing columns?

When text reaches the bottom of the first column, I want it to continue onto the top of the next column of the page.

To give more detail, I have a tall narrow table (created in Libreoffice calc). I wish to display it on one page in multiple columns such that it wraps from the bottom of the first column to the top of the second column on the same page.

I created a multi-column page format in writer. When I pasted the table into the first column, writer shrunk the table so that it all fits in only the first column of the page, making the text tiny.

How do I get the table to flow to the next column?

Please put all necessary information in the question itself: comments might not be read! Thanks.

Writer is going to respect the Table format. To get it to flow into the general format, in this case columns, you have to take the text out of the table. Either do it manually or under the Table menu, choose Convert / Table to Text.