How do I debug basic code (macro) launched from within Base?

It seems like I’m missing something obvious here since this must be doable.

I have a Base project (.odb) where I want to make some custom macro functionality scripted in Basic. I need to get data from the various objects in the form to do some custom queries etc.

I have created a macro in Libre Office Basic, but I cannot debug it from within Base, the breakpoints are simply not active.

There must be a way to debug this right?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Can you be more specific? I usually just set a button on the form to trigger an LO Basic event and test/develop that way.

Try using the --backtrace command line argument when launching LO. The log may reveal further detail.

Dear Jon, (Sorry could not resist that)

I’m a newbie so take that into consideration. I experienced the same thing. What worked for me was to keep the Macro Organizer open and it seems as if the code then gets halted when a call to a sub is made (focus does not change to the organizer so you have to go and check). Then you can step through your code or go to your breakpoints.

Hope that helps.