How do I define custom colors in Calc?

LibreOffice Help states that to define a custom color in Calc, that I should click on “Format”, then “Area”, and then “Area” again. When I click on Format, the resulting menu does not contain an entry called “Area”. Where is this “Area” entry I need to click on?

It actually says to “Choose Format - Area - Area, press the Color button and click the Pick button”, but of course, there is no such item to click on, only “Format”, which does not bring up anything called “Area”, much less any buttons.

There is Area in Format - when you are in Draw. But since the help page is not specific to Draw, it should be improved - tdf#129169.

Thanks. Your solution worked. I’ve never used Draw.

Format → Cells → Background


Format → Page → Background

depending on what you want.