How do i delete a long black line?

This looks to be something that was made by LO… i sometimes make a short dashed line which divides two paragraphs. i’ve noticed that if i make it too long, the program decides that i want a line which runs from margin to margin - arg. i can usually fix this. However i’ve opened an older document and it has one of these lines which run from margin to margin and i can’t figure out how to delete it. i can’t “select” it. i can’t place the cursor below the line and hit “delete” - this only moves the cursor above the line. i’ve tried opening the Navigator, but it does not show any items other than text and a table i have. i’ve tried opening the Draw toolbar and using the Select tool, but to no avail.

Have a great afternoon! :slight_smile:

The black line is added as a border of the paragraph. Go to Format - Paragraph - Borders tab and look at the left panel. Remove the line at the bottom of the square. Click OK and the line should be gone. Sometimes it shifts up or down a paragraph. Just go on removing it.

If you don’t like this effect, go to Tools - Autocorrect - Autocorrect Options - Options tab, remove the tick mark in Apply border.

Thanks a million! That did it. Have a great day! :slight_smile: