How do I delete "Anchor" in Writer so objects can be moved?

Writer in LibreOffice on Windows 8.1 - new user (started today) - I have searched for this, no results

When inserting an object (images etc.) in a Writer document there are 4 options:

  • Anchor to Page
  • Anchor to Paragraph
  • Anchor to Character
  • Anchor as Character

How do I delete all the anchoring options, which I can do in Word (Office 2003), so that I can move the object wherever I want and keep it free-floating until I decide where to put it?


I don’t know if anchors can be removed or not. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will respond to that.

I have found that Anchor to Page allows me to move the object freely within a page. Changing the Wrap options allows me to change other things on the page while ignoring the image (wrap through or in background) or treating it in different ways depending on my desired outcome. For me, changing Wrap in conjunction with Anchor has allowed me to solve many problems of figure placement.

If you insert say an Image it defaults to Anchor to Paragraph and centred. You can click on the Image and still move it around.

‘Anchor’ doesn’t mean the image can’t be moved. It just means it is connected to something on the page. For example, anchor to paragraph, then delete some text above the paragraph so it moves up and the image will move with it. If you want it freely floating on the page then anchor it to the page, then you can drag it where you like.

Thanks, but this just confirms what I feared. I can move an image around a page but I cannot move it freely within an entire document. I have to delete it and re-insert it if I want it on another page. Never had to do this in Word.