How do I delete carriage returns in the middle of sentences?

I have a long Writer document that has many carriage returns in the middle of sentences. How can I delete them? I know with many other searches you use the search and find function with regular expressions selected. What I don’t know is what expression to search. I assume it must be something that looks for CRs that don’t come after end of sentence punctuation marks.

What expression do I need to search?

Try OOoFBTools. This extension has a load of features to correct OCR errors and brush up formatting. For your purpose, select Join broken lines of a paragraph… from the menu, the default settings should be enough.

If you want to simply search and replace, try AltSearch, a more convenient search and replace dialog. There, in Search for select manual line break \n in the Regular drop-down list.

I’ll try OOoFBTools next. I’ve already tried AltSearch, but searching for \n doesn’t do what I’m trying to do. \n finds the mark made when you hit Shift and Enter at the same time. Don’t have any of those.

OOoFBTools looks like it does a lot of cool stuff. Too bad it’s instructions are in Russian and I’m not fond of it adding 32 icons to my toolbars that won’t allow me to close them. Would also be nice if that Join broken lines feature had separate Replace and Replace All options. I’d like to know if it’s correctly finding the issues.

You can use Manual processing of paragraphs if you want to control the process.