How do I delete old backup files

I have over 79,000 files named TakayamaConnections.odb followed by a number. They get in the way of regular backups and they are outdated and obsolete.

Open the file manager on your computer and delete them there.

Yes, tiresome but do-able. But how do I set things up so they can automatically be deleted? Many of these files are over two years old and I didn’t even know they were there. Also, I was reluctant to unilaterally delete files the system creates. Documentation could be better in this respect.

You could use your file manager to search for anything named TakayamaConnections.odb. They will b e listed in alphanumeric order. Highlight all that match your outdated and unwanted files. If I understand your description correctly, the unwanted files should all appear together as a group, with wanted files only before and after, according to the alphanumeric order. Then hit delete. One deletion, all gone. Not so tiresome.

Alternatively, sort according to creation date.

Ah, good point. Thanks.