How do i delete one blank page

so much searching for a simple answer. How do you delete a page ???

It’s not actually a blank page like it looks. The “blank” page has hidden formatting characters in it. If you find in the menu “Toggle Formatting Marks” and click on that it makes the hidden characters visible. Then go to the “blank” page and you will then see the hidden characters that are keeping the blank page attached to the document.

Simply go the blank page, click on the very bottom of the document to place the cursor at the very last hidden character and backspace the cursor all the way up to the bottom of the previous page, thus deleting all the hidden characters on the page and the blank page will disappear from the document.

Hi Todd–it’s been a little while. 5 years but I think you go to the blank page an use the back button ??? Yes it is hard to figure out what to do so

I switched back to microsoft word 1.2. I am not sure if it still available for free.

The other big problem I had was being able to print in the exact page layout I had produced.

Hope this helps.


Writer it’s not a DPT tool, but a content centric document processor. On Writer pages are not objects by itself, but they live to hold content and it’s the content what defines if there is a page or not and which kind of page. In fact, when you insert a manual page break in reality you are inserting a paragraph with the property “break page before me”.

Blank pages can be inserted automatically by Writer if you go from a paragraph at the end of a right (odd) page to another paragraph that forces an “only right” page style (typically, a heading), but again, that’s determined by content.

So, to answer your question we need more information and a clear description about your problem. In a nutshell, you do not delete pages on Writer, you delete content and the page goes by with it.

Repro condition: A document of normally appearing pages interspersed with blank pages formatted with undesired properites- very wide margins, strange dimensions or indents.

Undesired behavior: When using delete recommendation given above and comparable conventional solutions, the text from the correctly formatted pages are moved into the page with the undesirable formatting. It is possible to write a macro to reformat the page to the properties so that it has page properties identical to the normal pages, but surely there is something less tedious and or that a normal user can comprehend.

How comparable products handle: Word has a wysiwyg “navigator” where you can simply delete the page. It is not especially obvious how you get to that navigator, but it meets the requirement of simplicity. Librewriter has a navigator (F5), and you can delete sections with the undesired pages (doesn’t delete the page), but no function to delete the page itself.

Hello @long3wood,

In order to delete one blank page, you could just perform the following steps:

  1. Place your text cursor at the beginning of the blank page;

  2. a) Press the DEL key once.

    b) If that doesn’t work, press the BACKSPACE key once.

    c) If that doesn’t work either, then only thing left to try is ALT+F4…

HTH, lib

Except if you have a manual break, in that case you have to put the text cursor in the beginning of the following page, not in the blank page.

The only thing that worked for me was: I had a line of text in the page and I put the cursor after it and pressed ctrl+backspace and the whole page disappeared.

This didn’t work for me. I still cannot eliminate the blank page.

Ive just downloaded Libre Office for the first time and have to say I am not impressed. Ive been using word processors since the 1980s. Any other spread sheet and you should be able to simply backspace untill its gone but with Libre Office after more than an hour trying its google for help then read 635 words of reply , non of which help.

Eventually I gave up trying and the quick solution is - highlight the wanted page , copy and then paste into a new document.

I, too, have been using computers (and word processors) since the 1980s, and have never had a problem with the backspace key in LibreOffice. Please tell us exactly what you did and what the exact result was, so that we can find a solution for you.

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Hello @Biggles2: It appears that you are working with Calc. The original question (although tagged as common) is about Writer.
Would you create a new topic describing your problem? Also, you can add a copy of the file showing the issue (before sharing it, delete all sensible data). Thanks.
I’m retagging to writer.

I was working in writer. Even though it was writer, I inserted a 3 column table with many text lines. When I finished it was stretched over 2 pages. I deleted the unwanted table lines with no problem but it left me with a second blank page which refused to delete. I’ve just tried to recreate the problem but it didn’t behave the same and I am unable to recreate it. I added 10 rows which provoked a new page then when I deleted unwanted rows the second page was deleted when the last row on it was deleted. Previously it left the blank page which could not be removed. No part of the table was on the second page and when I copy pasted into a new blank document it fitted with no second page.

Usually, “undeletable blank pages” occur when some object is anchored To page beyond the last meaningful piece of text. You can also have such pages inserted to cope with page parity, e.g. when you request a chapter to always start on an odd page and last preceding page was an odd page.
Getting rid of those pages requires to do something on the “trigger” (either the offending object or the chapter start).
So, we can’t give useful advice without knowing with accuracy what is in your document.

“Eventually I gave up trying and the quick solution is - highlight the wanted page , copy and then paste into a new document.”

This didn’t work for me. The new document still has the unwanted blank page. I have tried cutting and pasting into a new document in a variety of ways but cannot eliminate the blank page.

Without any detail on your document, we can’t help you. You gave no description on the “blank page”. Has it any watermark, like “Blank page”?
Don’t forget to mention OS name, LO version and save format (.doc(x) or .odt).

That’s fair. It’s an ODT document and the OS is Ubuntu 18. That said, I just opened up the document again and the blank page is no longer there. I have no idea what I might have done, if anything, to remove it.