How do I delete over 200 ConvertedN Page styles?

I really want just one page style, but as a result of a conversion from RTF the document has over 200 custom styles labeled “Converted#” where the number is 1 to over 200. I don’t want to go in and modify every single page style in order to have the same margins and paper size, but I can’t delete any of the styles. I’ve tried choosing “custom styles” but I still just get a “New” or “Modify” option. I can rename the styles one at a time, but can’t delete them or revert them to Default Page Style.

What on earth can I do???

I use a macro from old good days of and to remove custom styles (and those ConvertedXX are deemed to be custom styles):

Run the DeleteCustomStyles routine and select what you need to be deleted.


You can not delete the styles what are in use in the actual document. You must set all of the page styles to the Default before you try to delete the numbered “Converted” styles.

And never use the MS-related foreign, never standardized file types in the future. This behavior is related to them, because they not support the page styles. The .doc fileformat stores the page properties individually for every page.
Always use the International Standard ODF file types.

I don’t think there is a way to set the page to the Default Page Style.

Incorrect. Page styles can be deleted even when used. They simply revert to the default page style.

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If double-click on Default Page Style in the side style pane, page styles view, does not work, select the whole document (Ctrl+A) and double-click page style name.

Importing from such “exotic” formats as RTF is always a nightmare. I ended up in pasting plain text in a new document and reformatting it. This avoided style clutter. Yes, not user-friendly over 200 pages.

I think you might have to individually set each page to Default Page Style.

  1. Open the Sidebar and display the Styles pane. Click on the Page Style icon
  2. Click in the first page and then in the Styles pane double click Default Page Style to apply it
  3. Repeat for 200 pages. I tried selecting all and double-clicking but it didn’t change the page style at all on any pages.

The easier way is to select everything, copy it and paste it into a new document. use @gabix linked macro

Open in WordPad and save as a .txt file then open in LibreOffice. No Converted# Styles. If this works as a solution check the uptick.

Yes, that’s basically what I did. I then had to redo all of the formatting, but at least I don’t have all those page styles to deal with.

A solution that suited me was to use Calibre to convert a book sized odt or docx file to epub, then back again to docx. It removed the custom page styles and headers.