How do i delete the dashed lines from calc worksheet?

how do i delete the dashed lines from calc worksheet?

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I assume that these are the lines that display page breaks (not cell borders).

If that’s it: untick Tools▸Options▸Calc▸View▸Visual Aids▸Page breaks


This works. So relieving.

This worked to me too, but I just wonder howcome it appears on from time to time? what is the shortcut for enabling it? maybe some key combinations are pressed accidentally… because I can’t solidify the point why this thing gets on from time to time.

They are created when you Print or Print Preview.

Thanks. This worked for me.

There is no “Options” under Tools menu un LibreOffice Why the automatic page break dotted line is showing in LibreOffice in calc? How to remove them?

On most OSes, there is. On macOS, it’s elsewhere

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In MacOS, you’ll find this option under: LibreOffice → Preferences → LibreOffice Calc → View