How do I delete the first space of the cell without it affecting the rest of the text in the cell? so that there are no gaps other than where they should be? Imported from .csv from websites

Examples below from a sheet which is also attached.

 KTB Architects	15 Theed Street	 Southbank 	London	 SE1 8ST 
 Kudos Plans	17 Oaktree Avenue	London	N13 5RW 	 
 Lacey & Saltykov Architects 	307 Euston Road	London	 NW1 3AD 	
 LAF Architects Ltd 	71-75 Shelton Street 	Covent Garden 	London	WC2H 9JQ 
 Landmass Design Studio 	48 Beak Street	  London	 W1F9RL	
 Lanyon-Hogg	 3 Hill House Close	 Winchmore Hill	London	N21 1LG 


(edited by ajlittoz for clarity)

Please edit both your title (to make it short) and the question description to explain how you inserted data into the spreadsheet (as copy’n’paste? or CVS import? or …?).

Depending on your import method, you could be better off handling the “canonising” step in some text editor.

Why do you save as .xls? This site is dedicated to LibreOffice whose native format is .ods.

Title shortened. It is saved as .xls to make sure the final recipient can open it. Have saved as .ods too.

The title is still too long. Learn to ask smart questions.

Edit-Find&Replace (or Ctrl+H)

Find ^ (circumflex and space - two chars)

Replace leave empty

Regular expressions ON

Tip top. Much appreciated, many thanks !!

All leading spaces and all trailing spaces at the same time can be replaced using the RegEx
(^ *(?! ))(.*)?((?<! ) *$) in Find: and $2 In Replace:. Then Replace All.

thanks for the unstructions.