How do I disable dithering on 16-bit remote desktop connections?

At work I have to use a Windows Remote Desktop connection, which enforces a 16-bit colour connection, presumably in an attempt to limit bandwidth usage.

Annoyingly, this makes LibreOffice decide to use colour dithering all over its user interface (i.e. buttons, selections, backgrounds, etc.). And in an extremely unintelligent way as well; i.e. it approximates shades of grey by dithering with black and white, not with the nearest 16-bit shades of grey.

It’s very ugly, makes things harder to see, and I suspect also decreases connection performance. And there’s no reason for it. It can just use 24-bit colour and rely on Remote Desktop to reduce the number of colours, which does a far better job.

Is there a way to turn this dithering off? Which interface library does LibreOffice use which does this?

Hi, not an answer - but i think I have the same problem, except my Win2008R2 server does allow 32-bit colour, and I’m connected as 32-bits, and I see an ugly cross-hatch effect on selected icons.

link text

Is this the same issue you have?