How do i divide a document into sections so i can number pages differently?

I’m working on a book and I’m trying to divide or unlink the title pages from the actual content, so I can numbered the pages starting with the actual first page of the content, but I’m not seeing anything I can do that with.

Word “section” has a very specific meaning in LO Writer and Writer “sections” are not what you’re looking for.

Page numbering sequence, header and footer are properties of page styles. As a consequence, you need to define one page style per book part.

There are already a number of page styles “out-of-the-shelf”. Amongst them, First Page is intended for book cover and Default Style is used by default (as its name implies) for all other pages.

You have access to the styles (paragraph, character, page and others) through the style side pane displayed with F11.

Once you have defined the characteristics of [a collection of] pages (which is left to you as an exercise, labels in the dialog and tabs are rather self-explanatory), you activate the style with a page break. Page breaks can be triggered either from a paragraph style, or manually with Insert>Manual Break and choosing the page style to switch to. The page break can also reset the page number origin.

I assume you already know how to insert a page number in a header or footer with Insert>Field (or Page Number shortcut).

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