How do I download label templates

WL 875 WX & WL 125 WX templates Because your office program file new label program does not have a Print option.


FileNewLabels creates a Writer document which, of course, has the FilePrint function.

I do not understand your question, could you develop it a little more by giving more details? Thank you.


You refer to a commercial offer for label sheets made of paper.

There are some given values like…

Size: 2.625" x 1" :: Labels per sheet: 30

Same size as**: Avery® 5160®, 5260™, 5520™, 5660®, 5810™, 5960™, 5970™, 5971™ , 5972™, 5979™, 5980™, 8160™, 8460™, 8660™, 8810™

You may download the template from…

OpenOffice / Libreoffice Template for WL-875

The link’s address is…

The file does not have the option of synchronizing. It contains a simple table without sections for synchronizing. Page format = letter (not: A4).

Print-outs are surely possible.

The problem is to find a (built-in) template which is able to synchronize. If you don’t find that it is easy to create one with the above mentioned given size values… Probably you have to convert the measures into cm.

For more size values see here: 2.625x1 Perforated Address Labels - SL100VP (vertical perf)