how do I download presenter console extension

I want to download the presenter console extension, but I cannot find the extension download button on your site

Who tells you that there is an extension with this name (Cannot find any with that name on There is an option Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Impress -> General -> [x] Enable Presenter Console

I’m not a specialist, but I think the presenter console is built-in in a normal setup of LO, see here.

The thing is that you only get to see it if you have at least two monitors - or you’re using a remote control; either a specific one for the projector, or Impress Remote on your phone. I’m using Impress Remote a lot; the presenter console is then on my phone an I use that to read my notes and navigating through the slides.

Impress Remote for Android can be found in the Google Store or on F-Droid, as well as for iOS