How do i duplicate certain pages in document to new file?

I am working with my university lab assignments in one document. The document have assignment from 1 to 8 but i am only in trusted in assignment 5 to 8 i want to duplicate pages starting from assignment 5 to 8 (In other word i want the document to be duplicated from page ‘x’ to page ‘y’ )to new document so i can work on.

You can’t because Writer is text-flow oriented. This means pages have no intrinsic existence. They pop up to life when they are needed because text overflows the existing ones. Even a small formatting edition can change what is in pages (automatic page breaks have moved).

Pages are primary object in desktop publishing applications like Scribus or Quark XPress where there is no automatic allocation when text overflows a block and text is clipped.

Consequently, in Writer, put the cursor at the beginning of the text you want to copy. With the mouse, Shift click at the end of the target text. Copy. Paste into new document.

Formatting is copied as well. The pasted text will have the same look as the original. If there are manual page breaks, they are also pasted, thus keeping the explicit relation to pages.

EDIT after @gabix’s relevant comment

In case you need auxiliary information like header and footer, copy the page styles from one document to the other. This is done from the new document in the style side pane (F11 or Styles>Manage Styles). The rightmost button in the toolbar (Style Actions) has a drop-down menu with Load Styles command.

Check the required style categories, then push From File and select the source document.

You may eventually need to explicitly copy and paste the header and footer after loading styles (I didn’t check if header/footer which are attached to the page style follow loading).

A recommended practice: read the Writer Guide, in particular the chapters about styles.

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okay but how do i copy header and footer

also sorry for the stupid question

You should copy and apply as necessary relevant page styles.

As already answered, pages do not exist as manageable entities in Writer. They are spawned as needed to make room for content. The pages will then comply with the current page style.

You can, however, cheat:

A different approach from copying content and styles from original to new document, perhaps easier to grasp.

Make a working copy of the document file.


  • use the file manager of your system to copy/paste the file,
    … or …
  • menu item File - Save as (and specify a different name) in Writer.

Delete the irrelevant content (assignments 1-4) from your working copy.


If you really need pagination to start with a number different from 1:

  • Move the cursor to the start of your content (not in the page header, but inside text area for assignment description).
  • Select menu item Format - Paragraph ...
  • Select tab Text flow
  • Tick all the boxes under Break
  • In the dropdowns, select to insert Page break Before current position and keep preselected page style.
  • Set the page number as desired.

The current position will already be at the beginning of a page, so no additional page break will be inserted.

Please note: This set of pagination properties will stick to the opening paragraph (and copies of it) when e.g. recreating a full assignment report (if that is relevant). You may need to reverse the settings so pagination behaves as it should in a rebuilt/merged document. Don’t use this manual setting unless you really need it, either to follow guidelines, to build a “detached component” of a final report, or for some other reason I am unable to divine.

A much better and simpler solution than mine! It answered too closely the question in the title.

You can do that using a master document. A bit involved, but it should work. Save the present file with a new name. Delete all text from that, then save it as a template. Then make another new file, based on the new template, copy the entire file to it and save it as a master document. Make another new file, cut the assignments 5 to 8 from the master and paste them in the new file, save it. Then insert the new file with the assignments 5 to 8 as a sub document in the master document at the right place and that’s it.

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