How do I duplicate or Copy a page?

I need to place a page thats underneath a different page ontop of the page that its underneath. How do I do that ? (I have Libre-office 4.4 windows 7 Home premium.) (And a powerful computer)

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As far as I know this is not possible in Writer - nor is it in MS Word. In both these programs a document is a stream of text and pagination is dependent on the size of the page and inserted page breaks. MS Publisher on the other hand is a page based program and pages can be moved around on a document. In writer to move a page as you want to do you will need to insert a new blank page where you want to move the page to, copy the page you want to move, paste the text into the new blank page, and delete the text in the page you wanted to move.


If you are working with long documents that have multiple sections or parts, creating a master document can save time.
You can save the sections as separate documents and re-arrange them at will in the master document.

Though it might not help in your case, I’ve found that page styles can also help in documents where there is a need to frequently add or reorder pages (e.g. multiple appendices, reference sections…).

  1. Place your content in a frame and anchor the frame within the page header.
  2. Create a new page style (e.g. mystyle1) - the header will be saved.
  3. Modify the page break preceding the page insertion to create a new page using your newly created page style (mystyle1)

Voila, the new page will be created with its content (inside the header-anchored frame).