How do I edit the SQL generated for a report?

I’d like to be able to see the SQL generated by the Report writer, but can’t find how to do that. I can’t even see where the parameters such as dates and other data filters used are held on the design form.

I’d be grateful for help with these.


Report Builder does not generate any SQL. Reports are based upon tables views or SQL generated by the user.


Should also note, you can within Report Builder base a report on an SQL command you create. Again, not generated by Report Builder.

In all cases, since the user defines these items it is not clear as to why you do not know where they are.

Edit 2:

Perhaps the documentation will help → LibreOffice Base Guide. See Chapter 6 - Reports in the Base section.

Hello Ratslinger, thank you very much for your reply, and taking the time to help me. After reading your answer I did a bit more digging by unpacking the odb file and examining the contents.xml file. Bearing in mind what you had said the whole thing and how it works is now very clear to me. Once again, thank you! Karel