How do I enable a custom dictionary on LibreOffice 5 for mac?

Hi All,

I created a custom dictionary and placed it in the same folder as ‘standard.dic’ is located. I checked this custom dictionary in the list of ‘user-defined dictionaries’ in Tools->Spelling->Options. But my spreadsheet still shows any words from that dictionary as misspelled. On top of that I cannot choose to add new words to the dictionary in the course of performing a spell check. Any suggestions on how to resolve these two issues?

I’m running LibreOffice on mac OS X El Captain Version 10.11.1.

Thanks in Advance,


(1) How do you have created the custom dictionary? You should first add a dictionary in Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids for to get the correct header lines. (2) The standard.dic is in a shared folder. Do you have writing rights on that folder?