How do I enable contextual alternatives in Libre Version: (x64)

I’m using an app called Caligraphr to create my own font with multiple variants of each character so that it looks like my own handwriting. I’ve installed it in Libre office but it is not randomizing the characters. The help section for Califgraphr says to enable contextual alternatives for MSO and Mac. I thought that open type support would allow this but maybe confused or just need direction. I’m using Windows 7.
Thanks for any help!

The font I created and installed is .OTF.
I read this and tried to follow the instructions by pasting in the Kabala … below but nothing changed when I again used my own font.
OpenType Support
At last, after many years or requesting support for OpenType features, it has been implemented in a new text layout engine. You will have to search hard to find it though, as OpenType features are enabled by typing some code in font selection fields. Required features like Standard Ligatures are enabled by default, so you only need to type some code to disable them. Below are some examples. Visit Microsoft Typography to learn more about OpenType Layout Feature Tags to use in font dialogues…
Acariya:pcap=1 (Enable Petite Capitals)
Kabala:onum=1&-liga (Enable OldStyle Figures, and Disable Standard Ligatures)
Pali:ordn=1&salt=1&dlig=1 (Enable Ordinals, Stylistic Alternates, and Discretionary Ligatures)

I’ve installed it in Libre office

Supposedly “it” means “the font I created”, not “Caligraphr”?

I suppose this is a bug in LO: possibly because of caching of glyphs; I’d suggest you to file a bug report and attach a sample font to reproduce the issue.