How do I enable cropping ?

Ribbon bar has many tools GREYED out. This is the LibreOfc that came with Ubuntu 19.10. Please advise.

What is the relation between “ribbon bar” and “cropping”? Edit your question (don’t use an anwser which is reserved for solutions) to describe your use case. Cropping occurs with image insertion or printing. Which is your target? A printing issue? Insertion of graphic material in a document (text, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing)? The last question because you tagged common instead of a specific component (Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw).

I would suggest cropping is disabled without first selecting a crop-enabling object, for example, an image.

I couldn’t display the crop tool without a crop-enabling object selected, however, my Format/Image/Crop menu item exists greyed out without it, if that’s the gist of it. I couldn’t find a way to display the toolbar with a greyed crop tool, being selection adaptive, but minimalist User Interface views will exclude the crop tool entirely. Double-clicking a crop-enabling object, in those minimalist cases, pops up a dialogue box with a crop command tab inside.

I was experimenting in a Writer document.