How do I enable the global menubar in LO 3.6.3?

From what I understand, 3.6.3 has the notable feature of implementing built-in global menu support for Ubuntu. Currently, I’m using 12.04 LTS and have manually installed the DEB files (since neither the official repositories nor the PPA has it yet). After installing, the menu bar is still in the window instead of showing up as a global menu. Restarting does nothing, either.

Did I misread the release notes? Is built-in global menubar support not currently possible with the LTS release of Ubuntu? If it is possible, what specific steps must I do to get it working (without upgrading to 12.10)?

Did you try to remove the .config/libreoffice folder in your home (don’t forget to do a backup)? Then try to open LO again. Please give feed back.

Just tried it as per your instructions. Running LO created a new config folder, but the menubar is still in the window.

With the default LibreOffice

$ sudo apt-get install lo-menubar

I don’t know if it wil work with your manually installed version.

As TJ said, the lo-menubar package is supposed to be useless since the 3.6.3 version.

Hi @TJMeneses,

Are you still on 12.04? Some LibreOffice distro builds now have Unity menu integration, however there are some caveats that you should read about before trying to use it.

If you can upgrade to 12.10, I’d suggest you try that for now.

Good luck!


@TJMeneses – Any updates?

Per Bjoern’s comment on bug 61461,

LibreOffice 3.6 had no unity integration, but Ubuntu distro packages added it

So the full answer to your question appears to be “To get Unity menu integration on Ubuntu 12.04, install LO 3.6 from the Ubuntu repos”.

Please let us know if installing LO 3.6 from the Ubuntu repos does not solve your problem.


I’ve been contemplating an upgrade to 12.10 for a while now (and if that happens, I’ll move to 13.04 when it comes out). The 5-year support plan for LTS is really appealing to me, though, and dropping the extra 3.5 years of support for a UI feature of a single app seems a bit much.

Actually, a few reformats and reinstalls due to swapping out my mobo put Ubuntu (and any other OS) on the backburner for a bit. I’ll try your solution out in the future, but for the sake of having a definite answer, I believe it would be best for me to accept your solution. =) So thanks.