How do I enter a Unicode character as text

How do I type a Unicode text number so that the correct character is displayed
For instance type U+274F to display a box with a shadow

MacBook Pro, OS 10.15.1
LO 6.3.1002

On Linux and Windows it works by entering the code (i.e. 274F) followed by Alt+X. But got no information if this could be translated somehow to macOS and MacBook keyboard and if there is an implementation on macOS at all (Got no MacBook).

As @anon73440385 commented, there is a key combo to toggle between Unicode codes and actual characters. In win and Linux is Alt X while in mac systems the shortcut is CMD-option-X (for some locales it may be Alt-C, it seems). See here for more information.

@RGB-es - Thanks for the info and the link. Perhaps it should be mentioned that a font replacement (for the Uniciode character to be inserted) may occur, if a certain Unicode character is not available in the current paragraph’s font.