How do I exit safe mode?

LO crashed. I restarted tn Safe Mode. Now I can’t exit Safe Mode and return to Normal Mode. Running Windows 10. What are my options?

Now I can’t exit Safe Mode and return to Normal Mode

Are you trying to tell us, that

  • Stopping LibreOffice (from Safe Mode)
  • Starting LibreOffice

results in LibreOffice running in Safe Mode again (restarting LibreOffice is the only way to leave safe mode)?


i think what you are looking for is in the Toolbarmenu “Help” → “Restart in Normal Mode…”

Restart in Normal Mode

Choosing Restart in Normal Mode will
discard all changes, terminate safe
mode and start LibreOffice again in
normal mode. Use this option if you
got here by accident.

More Infor can be found here:

LO 6.0


LO 7.0

Hope that helps.

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