How do I export a clean html file?

The Save as HTML option in Libreoffice produces an html file with a lot of markup. Is there an easy way to export a cleaner html file for the production of an epub or for web publishing? How do I clean an HTML produced by Libreoffice?

Hi @ChrisVella,

The HTML save/export functionality is designed to create an HTML file with high fidelity to the original ODT.

If you want a simpler HTML file, you could try removing the CSS and many of the META tags from the HTML file. Would that help?

What’s your use-case here? Do you need to import this HTML into another application?

I updated my question. The use of having a cleaner html is either for web publishing or epub production, where fidelity to the original layout is not important.

I would like an option to create an HTML file with high fidelity to the structure without trying to be pixel-perfect in terms of fonts, spacing, etc. That just adds cruft to the file. I know I can find and remove that extra code, but that is annoying, and it would be better to have the option of not having it in the first place.