How do I fill out IRS PDF forms and print on unix

How do I fill out IRS forms on unix and print

If they are actual pdf forms then open the form in a pdf reader and use that. Most pdf readers can be used to fill in forms.

One of my readers will allow me to fill the forms but will only send it to file, not to the printer. I am on a unix system so adobe is not supported. It is possible the new Microsoft reader will work but then they have copies of all of my forms.

@BobR text above from duplicate question.

A pdf reader that can’t print? Sounds very odd. Can’t you try another one? Or fix the printing issue on your reader.

You can open a pdf in LibreOffice Draw but the form probably won’t work as a form any more. You can add text and export it as a pdf but it won’t be a pdf form any more. If it is a complex document then layout is likely to change too.

I am on a unix system

Why are you being so mysterious - which one?
(but in fact this is not a question related to LibreOffice)