How do I find a hard page or paragrah break and replace it with a text string?

I want to replace ALL paragraph or hard page breaks with a character string. The target is not necessarily HTML.


You can do this with AltSearch extension.


Search for regular: \m
Replace: \r

\r removes manual column or page breaks in the found paragraph(s)

You can find help about this extension here.


  • This does not delete page breaks generated by tables (Table PropertiesText Flow tab)
  • This delete page breaks generated by paragraph styles, so you get “manual formatting” for these paragraphs (need to clear manual formatting to restore the break).


Take care: as far as I know, paragraphs can’t be longer than 64 k characters, so if your file is longer, you may lose data.

Hi @floris_v

4.3 raises the 16bit (65,535) characters limitation of Writer paragraphs to 32bit (2,147,483,647).

And here, all paragraphs are not affected, only those with a break.Nevertheless, you are right to draw attention to this point


That’s good news. :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out.