How do I find all instances of bullet/numbered lists in a document?

I have a long (novel-length) ODT document. It contains bullet lists that I want to remove, but I do not know where exactly they are.

Is there a quick way to find them?

(I see none in the Find & Replace options.)

I’m using LibreOffice Writer Version:, under Debian jessie/sid.

Thank you!

Correct me if I’m wrong but are you asking on how to find bullet/number list or to delete them? To find bullet/number go to format. To delete bullets, just simply go behind the very last letter that happens to be in front of the bullet, then hit backspace. That should delete the bullet or just simply highlight all bullets and hit backspace.

I’m asking how to find them. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what “go to format” means. (Under Edit → Find & Replace → Other options → Format, I can’t find anything about bullet/numbered lists.)

Oh I see what you mean. I reread your question and you want to delete all the bullets. I’ve tried to replicate your situation and to find ways to delete or change the bullets, but sadly you can’t. I mean you can’t use “Find & Replace”. Look for and click on “Format”. It is in between “Insert” & “Table”. Under “Format” click on “Bullets and Numbering”.
Before you click to delete the bullets, be sure to highlight the words that have the bullets on them. It won’t work if you highlight the entire paragraph. If your bullets are in different sections that have words between them you’re going to have to do it manually by highlighting those sections and then deleting them, then repeat. Once you have highlighted your designated section click “Remove” on the “Bullets and Numbering” page or window. Please take note that it will only remove the bullets and will not make your sentence/words come together to form in one line.

If you are still having trouble or have any question about this topic, I’ll be gladly to help you.


  1. Highlight bulleted words
  2. Go to Formats
  3. Click Bullets and Numbering
  4. Click Remove
  5. Have a nice day and smile

Thank you, Sovereign! I know the usual procedure for removing bullets. It’s finding them in a long document that’s really hard. :wink:

Maybe I can propose the addition of a “Find Bullets” option to later versions of LibreOffice.