How do I find out what theme I have installed?

Some months ago I got LibreOffice looking just the way I wanted - in particular a very pleasant light blue background to the toolbar.
Now I have installed on another machine - and I would like to get that same appearance.
I assume I must have done this using a theme - but I cannot see how I can find out what theme I used. Is there somewhere I can find out the name of the theme I have installed on the install? The Tools>options>Personalisation screen shows (o) Own Theme - but it doesn’t tell me what the theme is.
Any help hugely appreciated.

It is possible to copy a Them (Personas) from one system to another. The advice here assumes the user is confident in manipulating LibO settings.

Since LibO 4.4, the Personas are installed in separate sub-folders folders in the User/Gallery/Personas folder. On my Linux system they are in the ./config/libreoffice/4/User/Gallery/Personas and the path shown in the Tools option as shown by @Alex.
The Personas is referenced in the registrymodifications.xcu file in the ./config/libreoffice/4/User folder on an entry for “PersonasSettings”.

The sub-folder name should give a clue to the actual name of the Personas or Theme. If you downloaded the Theme using LibO Personalization you may well find it amongst those entries. However!!

If you are confident in adjusting LibO settings you can copy the actual Personas from one machine to another as I do. Be aware that this can destroy the configuration folder if done incorrectly!! So take a backup first of the configuration file and then
Install an Own theme using the Tools/Options/Personalization menu. This will set up a “PersonasSettings” entry in the registrymodifications.xcu file. Stop LibO then:
a) Copy the Personas folder to the new system.
b) Modify the “PersonasSettings” line in the registrymodifications.xcu by copying the setting from the existing system. Restart LibO and away you go…Good luck Peter

Personal changes are stored within your personal Profile. You find that location like this:-


It gets more difficult after that point, since I do not know the precise name of either the dir nor the file that will store your changes. Perhaps an obvious thing to do is to make a small change of the kind that you wish to transfer, shutdown LO & then search for file-changes within that location.

One consideration:-
Toolbar themes are normally a function of the system rather than the app.

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not work link from theme firefox personas: try put in link:

result: it’s not detected the theme personas
this is problem… for PATH…
my case situation : libreoffice 4.4 and 5.0, impossible add link path…

i try write in search form:
“Dandelion Seeds . Water Droplets” not detected
“VanillaOrchids” not detected
SO THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE…instead version 4.2 is best worked copy and paste url path!

In the Gallery’s path there is a folder ‘personas’ where firefox downloaded personas themes are saved.