How do I find previous data of excel

I have set up libre office on my laptop. I have previous documents in Microsoft excel on my desktop and saved in my drop box and on a pen drive. I am away on holiday. So I open my laptop to do my work But I am unable to find last months data on the document via libre office; which I had saved on my flash pen. I usually need a password to open it. I do not under stand the macros etc. it opens but it is blank… all the previous details not there???

I need to send thee documents to my job.

Please help

And why is this a question related to LibreOffice, if you cannot find your documents? Finding documents is a task of a file manager. Inserting a flash pen and accessing files on it, is a task of the operating system and what macros you are talking about is absolutely unclear.

I have LibreOffice set up on my laptop. I am using the spreadsheet mode to open up some working documents previously done in Microsoft excel. It opens in LibreOffice as a new document and the previous information that was in the documents are no longer there? Why not ? and how can I access them? Is the problems due to Macros within the system or changes I need to make to security?

Upload an axample file which doesn’t show up correctly in LibreOffice. A new document would mean you open a template and it would be called “Untitled 1”.