How do i find the calc button to show my grid lines on my printed sheet

trying to show grid lines on my printed paper but can’t find calc

What is “calc”?

@CivFan, Calc is the spreadsheet module of LibreOffice. Your question it’s a joke? Five years here, and asking that?

Note that Calc will not print the grid for an unused area of the cell range, only from the left edge to the rightmost column used, and from top edge down to last row used.

If you want a completely empty grid of 50 rows by 8 columns printed from Calc, first type a space into cell H50, enable grid for print, then print it.

Brilliant. Thank you for the tip!

To show grid lines to print. I go to FORMAT on the tool bar, next pick PAGE, go down to SHEET, there you’ll see the option to print the GRID. Hope that helps. Took me forever to find it. Now I keep a note on my cheat sheet: Format, Page, Sheet, Grid