How do I gain points on this site?

I commented on two answers to a question, because only one of them worked for me, and then wanted to vote them up and down, but did not have enough points to do so.

To find out how one gains points – and whether they are the same as karma – I visited the Help, but that did not tell me. Therefore I am asking this question, though I shall of course keep an eye on my profile as well to see if I can tell for myself.

It is not in the Help, but the FAQ (which you can find at the bottom of the page) gives some details under “How does karma system work”. It seems that one only gets points (which do seem to be the same as karma) by having one’s questions and answers (but apparently not comments) upvoted.

Receiving one (net) upvote is enough to enable you to upvote, and five enable you to downvote. By “net upvote(s)” I mean the difference between any upvotes and downvotes you receive.

When you start getting karma, you will see how much you got for different things on the Karma section of your profile.


For comments you won’t get any points.

“karma” and “points” are “karma points” (i.e. the same thing)

This site provides some information about karma requirements for various moderation task.

Hope that helps

Thanks, as you may have seen, I had since found the FAQ, though what seems to be missing there is that you get +15 for an accepted answer.

I have also realised that this site works in very much the same way as Stack Exchange: do you know if it is a copy or uses their code? (My guess is that it is a copy, as there seem to be a number of restrictions.)

P.S. The link you have now added is an improvement, so I am accepting your answer.

do you know if it is a copy or uses their code?

No - I don’t know; but my guess is contrary to yours.