How do I get a description to show up in a combo box?

Hi all!

I’m using the most current version of LibreOffice on my HP Envy laptop which has Windows 10. I’m using a few combo boxes in my database. The values I want to see come from tables. The problem I having is that the ID field from those tables displays in the combo box but the descriptions are not being displayed. I only want the descriptions to appear. What setting do I need to change? I know how to do this in Microsoft Access but I don’t see an equivalent in BASE.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



When you state

the most current version of LibreOffice

this can mean a variety of versions as Fresh, Still and Development (and others) have ‘most current’ version at a different number. Please be specific when stating you LO version - such as LO v6.2.2.2

You probably want to use a list box instead of a combo box if you are substituting values. Please see LO documentation (found here → LibreOffice Base Handbook). Chapter 4 - Forms has relative information on this.