How do i get a new document to open without a template?

Every time I try to open a new document in LO, the new document opens with a template. How can I get rid of that?

I solved this problem by clearing the document of all text, headings, etc., then saved it as a template, named “blank.” Then, with some trial and error, I found how to set a template as the default template and did so with “blank.”
Problem solved.

I am not quite certain what you are trying to achieve. A template contains the basic information required to create a document , like page size, font choice and size, and other default styles. You can modify the default template or create your own to suit your own preferences. Other systems may give their templates other names, like default settings or page layouts, but it is not possible nor desirable in LibO to have no template… sorry if I am answering the wrong question…Peter

Thanks for an opportunity to clarify my question. I prepared a template for preparing sermons. It is called “Sermon.” When I press Writer Document from the splash page, or, from an open document, press File>New>Text Document, or whether, from an open document, I select the drop-down menu by the New Document image on the toolbar, I get a new page using the Sermon template. I have to select and delete the contents to have a blank document. I’d rather just get a blank page.
Thanks for any help.

I arrived at this same workaround. It was a lot of work for something that seemed like it should be straightforward.


It is not necessary to recreate a “blank” template. You can use the Action button (gear wheel):


LO on Windows 8 does not have the Template Manager as shown in your post. It only has “Sort by Name” and “Refresh”.

@peterwt you only have this entry if you have defined your own template as the default template

I have never set any default templates. Text Document appears in File - New.