how do I get a pie chart to show percent values

using calc, created pie chart with a column of labels and a column of numerical values, want the chart to show the percent of each category relative to total amount

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Select chart so points show (double or triple left click):

image description

Right mouse click in any section and select Insert Data labels. Values are inserted:

image description

Right mouse click again and select Format data labels...

In dialog on Data Labels tab select you choices under Text Attributes:

image description

How to show 2 decimals for the percentage? When I unselect “Source format” in “Number Format for Percentage Value” and select “Percent” with “Decimal places” set to 2, nothing changes. On the contrary, when I go back to that “Number Format and Percentage Value” page, the “Source format” tick box is activated again…
How can I show 2 decimals in my pie chart when using percentage?

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  1. Double click your diagram (edit mode
    → black handles)
  2. Right hand click into pie → Format Data Labels
  3. Data Labels :: Text attributes → [x] Show value as percentage

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