How to show percentage with 2 decimal numbers in LO Calc


I have a problem showing 2 decimals with percentage numbers in LO Calc ( This is what I currently have:

I would like to have 2 decimals. Example: 11.45% iso 11% (comma or dot, that doesn’t matter).

I’m using this dialogue box to do the settings (note that the value and category are blurred out in the image) :

  • Selecting Percentage format in the Data Labels tab of Data Labels for Data Series …:

  • In the next dialogue box Number Format for Percentage Value, the Source format tick box is initially checked:

  • After unticking, I select Percent and set Decimal places to 2, just the way I want it:

So, it looks like LO Calc will do what I asked for. However, when closing the dialogue boxes, nothing is changed on my LO Pie Chart.

When going back to the Number Format for Percentage Value dialogue box, the Source format is again activated! So, it looks like I can’t deactivate Source format and put my own format in place.

How can I get what I want?


Note: I commented on this thread but I thought it would be better to start a new question about this subject.

Strange behavior. I just repeated your steps and got the expected result. Usually, when an office exhibits “strange behavior”, it is recommended that you restart it in safe mode - perhaps the error lies in your user profile.

You just made it in LibreOffice or the document was created with another software?

@LeroyG: 100% made with LibreOffice.

@JohnSUN: I restarted in safe mode but whatever I do, I can’t get the percentage shown with 2 decimals. Any particular handling I have to follow once LO has started in safe mode? When I saw the initial dialogue box I selected to continue in safe mode. Is this what you were telling me to do?

@GeertVc, Would you delete the text labels and share a copy of the file?

@GeertVc, I think that the comment on /question/178201/ could be deleted (so there is no duplications).

@LeroyG: You triggered me… I can’t give you that sheet because it contains confidential information but I was preparing another sheet with fake figures for you, which had the very same issue. Then I studied a bit more in detail what could go wrong and I found out that the number format (“Show value as number”) had no decimals set and also there the “Source format” was ticked. When I deactivated the “Source format” tick box in the “Format Number” dialogue box and set the decimal places to 2 in there, I got also my percentages with 2 decimals! You couldn’t know this since only the percentage was shown in the image and not the number (which is located just above the percentage), because that was also blurred out… Therefore, kudos to you because you woke me up!!! :wink: Unfortunately, I can’t put images here, but I will respond to my own question so that I can show what was not set with the fake spreadsheet as example.

@LeroyG: I tried to delete my comment on the other thread, but apparently you can only delete a comment within 10 minutes from posting… If you have the authority to do so (don’t know if you’re a moderator or so), pls. feel free…

@GeertVc, Don’t worry. There is another comment below yours. I’ll let the author of the comment decide what to do. You need 200 karma points to delete comments posted by others.

The problem was in the number format, like so:

When looking to the Number format dialogue box, I see this as default setting:

When I set the decimals to 0 and I deactivate the Source format tick box, I get this:

If I now deactivate Source format in the Percentage format dialogue box and I set the decimals to 2 like so:

Resulting in exactly what I want:

So, the solution is that I first have to set my Number format to some decimals (even 0) and untick the source format. If I then untick the source format in the percentage dialogue box and fill in the number of decimals I want, it works!