How do I get back to a full page presentation in LibreOffice Writer?

One of the latest “upgrades” decided that I wanted to see my documents in miniature. So now, when I access a document, I can’t get a full page to work with. The mini-pages will print OK but this doesn’t help when I want to modify what I’ve written.
I try everything I can think of to return to a full page (like change the “view”) with NO LUCK.
Is there a solution to this problem?
Or do I look for another word processor?
Robert Sain

I don’t know what mini pages are? Maybe a zoom issue since printing is OK? Try ViesZoom100%.

Try “View > Zoom > Zoom”. Tick “Single page” and click OK.

Thanks Raptor88 …it’s taken this long to even find your answer! I’m back in business! Robert Sain