How do I get base to display 0 value instead of NULL?

I have tried many different ways using SQL in the queries and using formulas in the report builder and have had no success getting it to insert 0 in place of NULL values.

For example I tried: IF(ISBLANK([OrderAdjustments]);0;[OrderAdjustments]) in the reports

In the Base Guide in chapter 6 it says to use IF([numericfield];[numericfield];0) which I tried also without success.

I tried a CASE WHEN ELSE END statement in my SQL queries without success.

How do I get the database to replace Null values with zero?

Interesting update to this issue - not only can I not get report builder to display 0 instead of NULL, it is also replacing zero with NULL!?!?! What is going on here? I run the query and it shows that all of my zeros are in place, which have been entered into to database via default to zero (ie tax fields default to zero when there is no tax so I don’t get NULLs in my calculations). But when I load that same query into a report it is replacing those default zeros with NULL! Help!

My first thought would to be to change your SQL query, rather than fiddling with the report :
IF(FieldName IS NULL,‘NULL’,FieldName)

Note that this was reported as a bug in previous versions, and may have since been fixed.