How do I get Calc to look like Excel 2003

I’ve used Microsoft Office 2003 for the last fifteen years and have a substantial number of documents and spreadsheets created during that time. Since upgrading to Windows 10 I’ve found various issues that led me to conclude that continuing with such ancient software is no longer viable – so I switched to Libre Office. In general I’m pleased to have done so but have come up with a few problems that I hope someone will solve for me.
When I first installed the LibreOffice package I was happy to find the interface similar to Office 2003 rather than the later version (2007). I decided to change the default save formats from .od* to .docx and .xlsx to facilitate exchange with other MSOffice users, only to find that the interface now looked more like Office 2007, with a tabbed menu style. So I changed the save formats back to the earlier 2003 .doc and .xls. The Writer interface now resembles the earlier style but the Calc interface is unchanged. Is there a way to make Calc look like Excel 2003? Going further, is there a general way to control to ‘look and feel’ of the interface separately for the two programs or is that common to all the components of OpenOffice?

For ‘Open Office’ in detailed description read ‘Libre Office’ - as pointed out by erAck. Thanks!

Assuming that you actually mean LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice (then please also write the proper name) … otherwise you should download and install LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice.

Then with a document open go to menu View → User Interface and choose one. To go back to the standard menu structure from a tabbed interface if the menu bar is not displayed, select View then click on Menubar, from there select View → User Interface again and choose Standard Toolbar.

The interface is remembered per module (Writer, Calc, …) and does not depend on the file format a document is saved in.