How do i get english fonts in the list

I have 6 english fonts in my list in writer. I have near 200 in (as far as I know) arabic, chinese, korean, japanese and all sort of other “ese” that I do not speak. No where can I find out how to get rid of the hundreds of useless ones and get a few more that are useful. This never happened in the past w/ open office. Is this the defaults? No, I did not select asian at install. Why does the wiki not have anything except how to install fonts?

LibO comes with just a few fonts so no, it’s not the default: if you now find several “strange” fonts it is because they were installed on your system by other means. Did you install something else alongside LibO? From where did you download LibO? Which version? Which operative system do you use?

The fonts you have on your system are provided by LibO, your operating system, some applications and those you choose to install. LibO makes them available to select. Font management is not part of LibO but depends on your operating system and any font management software you may have installed. You may find that many of the “ese” fonts also provide normal Latin fonts as well as theirs appropriate to their language.

On my Linux-Mint system I have a great many fonts and font families of which LibO EN-GB 5.4 installs about12 families (101 font files). The “ese” files, for example Tibetan, are provided by the operating system or installing a specific LibO language patch.