How do I get inherited styles to update font size when I change the size in the Default Style

I have created several styles that inherit from the Default Style. Most of them need to have the same size size text, so I have set the font size to 100%, following the examples I see in the various Heading styles, where the font sizes are expressed as percentages, rather than as absolute sizes. Changing the font in the Default style changes the font face in the dependent styles but not the size. What am I doing wrong? Or what is special about the built-in heading styles?

Edit your question (don’t use an answer) to describe how you created your styles. Are you sure they are direct descendants of Default Style?

Setting font size to 100% is not strictly necessary (this is the default, even if size is displayed in points).

There are non-described subtleties with style creation. This is why I need a thorough description of your procedure.

this is the default, even if size is displayed in points

Nitpicking here, I realize that you know the difference, and just writing for strictness:

the default is not 100%, but not defining any properties explicitly in the created style until one changes them manually. Properties not defined in a style are taken from the parent style, thus by default it works as if you used 100%.

Problem is that there’s no indication on property pages (except Organizer tab) which properties are set explicitly in this style, and which inherit from parent.

@mikekaganski: I used this very approximate expression because what you describe (very accurately) is one of the “subtleties” in style definition. All attributes are triple-state (set, unset and not touched). Unfortunately, as you point out, there is no visual feedback for the untouched state I have called “transparent” in other posts, transparent meaning the taken from the ancestor (inherited) and flowing to a descendant.

OP’s karma is 3, showing a newbie on this site. I must be careful with the vocabulary and references to the concepts to make sure OP will undestand what’s at stake. Above all in the preliminary detail collection.

It works as you see it in the heading styles. Only the value 100% is special. That is bug

As Mike has written, to get the font size inherit from the parent style, you have to remove any style size setting. In case you have touched the field already, the style contains a setting for font size. To remove it go to the tab “Font” in the paragraph style dialog. Click on button “Standard” and then on button “OK”.

Unfortunately Button “Standard” does not only remove the size setting but all settings in that tab. In case you had made other changes, e.g. language, then you need to make that changes again. But be careful not to touch the “Size” field in that case.